How the Trophypedestal became…


The Trophypedestal came on the drawing board in August 2017 when I shot my life’s biggest Polish roebuck and my biggest Danish roebuck on 152.6 CIC points and 124.2 CIC points. As I did not want to saw in the trophies I had to find a solution where they could be presented with the skull intact.

I had dreamed of having the big polish roebuck standing on my desk in the office, forever reminding me of the wonderful evening in Poland, it was entirely self-evident that some form of “pedestal” would be devised.

I found a knowledgeable professional in the form of a craftsman whom I turned the idea with and together we made the first draft. The prototype was refined and ended with the result you can now buy here.

For a start, the trophypedestal was just a few editions to myself, but the more hunters there saw my Polish roebuck presented on my desk, the more wanted their own. I made a request on Facebook to find out if there were other hunters who could have an interest in a Trophypedestal, and suddenly the first 50 were sold in just a week.

The rest is history and in the future, I hope that the Trophypedestals and other products from can help all hunters to present their trophies in the most beautiful way.


What is is a webshop for hunters who wants an exciting and inspiring range of products and services to present their hunting trophies in the most beautiful way. Several of the products are manufactured by itself and the rest is purchased from larger and smaller Danish wholesalers.


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